We are an official distributor for Tpa Spa products on the Chinese market.

We offer the full product line of Tpa Spa’s CNC (Computer Numerical Controls), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and softwares.

Over the years Tpa has developed a sophisticated multi-tier architecture software in order to ensure greater flexibility, easy of use and robustness.

The three major areas of Tpa software (are covering the following) levels: firmware level, basic level, application level. If you want to discover all the Tpa products you can visit their website: CNC and PLC

Cabling Kit Solutions

For every industrial solution we sell we are available to provide to all our clients a tested Cabling Kit developed and produced directly from Tpa in Italy, that guarantee the correct level of connection and signals between every single elements of the machine. The Kit is also studied to be easy and fast to install, in the way of reducing the production time of every machine.

Brushless Motors

We offer to our customers a complete solution of brushless motors from partners consolidated years of work.

The close cooperation with devices manufacturers on EtherCAT and Can fieldbus allowed to Shanghai Dipai  to certify quality and cost-effective solutions that make the design and development of the system of the customer immediate and competitive.

You can see the product line from the website of our supplier:  Brushless Motors


Our  offer includes also drives, planned and produced in Italy, with current values between 0.5 and 60 amperes and tensions from 230 to 400 Vac that can operate with of electric motors.

You can see the product line from the website of our supplier:  Drives

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